The Marvel Heroes Test Center is a server environment where early versions of Marvel Heroes game content are deployed, to allow for testing and feedback from our community. If you want to see what's happening next with Marvel Heroes, you'll be able to play it on Test Center! Remember, Test Center offers an in-development and potentially unstable version of the game, so you should expect bugs, crashes and other issues.

Downloading The Client

To download the game client, simply click the appropriate link for either Mac or PC. Please be aware that this install will require 15GB of space in addition to the space needed for the Live game. Once you have downloaded and installed Test Center, please refer to the information below for frequently asked questions and test center guidelines.

Getting Started

Your Account Status:

All account and game data will be copied to Test Center from the Live server frequently, this includes unlocked heroes, progress, your inventory and your S.T.A.S.H. contents. The only item not copied is your live G balance; this has been replaced with a fixed amount for testing (see below).

Logging In:

You will log into Test Center using your normal game account email and password. Please note that changing your password for the Live game will not update your Test Center account; if you change your password on the main website, you will need to login using your old password on Test Center until the next time a copy is made of the Live game.

In-Game Currency:

For testing purposes, all accounts on Test Center will be assigned a set amount of Gs regardless of your current balance in the Live game. You cannot purchase or request additional Gs for testing.

Server Availability:

We do not guarantee that the Test Center will remain online 24/7, and it may be unavailable for extensive periods between major tests. Test Center will also be updated frequently. We will post notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How do I report bugs or give feedback?
You will be able to go to our new TEST CENTER FORUMS to provide feedback or bug reports for items found during playing.

Q: Will my progress on Test Center be transferred to my Live account?
No, all game progress on Test Center will remain there. No progress, purchases, or hero unlocks will be reflected on your Live account.

Q: Will my progress be wiped?
Yes, periodically we will be wiping the Test Center and copy all current account data from our Live servers.

Q: Will I have the Gs I bought on Live?
No, every account on Test Center will be assigned a specific amount of Gs for use during testing.

Q: What should I expect to find on Test Center?
You will find the latest, raw version of Marvel Heroes. Test Center is for testing, so you can expect to see unexplained (and undocumented) bugs, crashes and so on. The Test Center version of Marvel Heroes will generally not be an optimal experience. However, on Test Center you will also get to see the latest and greatest balance changes before they are added to the Live game. We want your feedback on the latest additions, so we encourage you to download the Test Center Client if you can live with the bugs!

Q: How long will testing last?
Test Center will be used periodically for focused testing, usually on major new builds of Marvel Heroes. Every time a major new build is deployed there, we will give an estimate on how long we expect testing to last. This may be extended or shortened.

Q: Can I copy my account from the Live game to Test Center when I like?
At this time, no. Periodically we will copy the entire Live game, including player accounts, to the Test Center - generally before the start of a major testing period. When we do, we'll announce that publicly. After creating a new account, you may have to wait up to a week before you account will be copied to Test Center.

Q: Why am I getting "Not Enough Disk Space" when I have plenty of room on my hard-drive?
Running the Test Center Installer as admin should stop this from happening and complete the installation.

Giving Feedback

Test Center exists for you to give feedback and shape the future of Marvel Heroes! Whatever issues you have or suggestions you would like to make, we want to hear from you in the dedicated Test Center Forums by clicking the button.