Dr. Doom

Victor von Doom has not lived an easy life. Born in Latveria, Victor's mother was claimed by the demon Mephisto in a mystical deal gone wrong. The loss of his mother would be Victor's key motivating force, driving him to excel in the study of any way to free her from Mephisto's grasp: scientific or mystical. His studies would eventually bring him to New York State University alongside Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. Building a machine to save his mother, Victor was caught in the ensuing explosion that Reed Richards warned would happen.


Mr. Fantastic

A member of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards received the powers of amazing elasticity after being bathed in cosmic rays. He uses his ability to stretch his body seemingly infinite lengths to form giant fists, shrug off attacks, and form various shapes to traverse the environment. In addition to his super powers, he also possesses incredible intellect, capable of creating and wielding amazing inventions that have saved the universe countless times.


Invisible Woman

After accompanying Reed Richards, Benjamin Grimm and her brother Johnny on a trip to space in an experimental rocket that Reed had built, the group was bathed in cosmic rays leading to the development of amazing powers. Sue's powers manifested in the form of light-bending force fields that allow her to turn invisible, protect herself and others, as well as use them as a destructive force to defend herself.

She is informally known as the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four due to the limitless potential of her powers.