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X-23 Now Available!

X-23 Now Available!

Born from Wolverine's DNA and a surrogate mother, X-23 was designed through and through as a weapon and has joined Marvel Heroes 2015. X-23 marks our 42nd Hero which DOUBLES our 21 Heroes we had at launch!

Costume Preview:

Click an image below to get a closer look at X-23's first costumes in Marvel Heroes 2015.


About X-23

Cloned from Wolverine's DNA and raised in a lab, Laura Kinney was trained from birth to use her claws, enhanced senses, and innocent appearance to become the perfect assassin.

Escaping the captivity of the lab, Laura lived on the streets until being taken in by the X-Men. Emotionally stunted, she is slowly coming to grips with her murderous past while trying to be a better human in the present. It's a hard path for Laura, who struggles to control her savage nature.

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