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Winter Wonderland & Season's Givings Event

Winter Wonderland & Season's Givings Event is Here

We're spreading the holiday cheer in Marvel Heroes 2015 with our Winter Wonderland & Season's Givings event.

Winter has come to Avengers Tower and Midtown in the form of snow and holiday decorations complete with holiday lights, wreaths and presents under a tree!

Our Winter Wonderland & Season's Givings event includes:

  • Holiday Spirit Buffs - Get into the holiday spirit with these buffs that display a snowflake above your hero! Dropping everywhere in game as well as earned by doing each of the Shared Quests once a day. Defeat a certain boss with the Holiday Spirit buff and be rewarded with a special Holiday loot explosion complete with a tree and presents!
  • Holiday Gifts - Dropping everywhere in the game and will either contain special items like Uniques or Reliquaries, or a small loot explosion for your hero!
  • Festive Fireworks - Bring in the holiday cheer with Festive Fireworks, available from the Weapon and Armor vendor.

Winter Wonderland & Season's Givings Sale Items

  • Winter Wonder Boost - For a limited time, we're offering the new Winter Wonder Boost to go along with our Winter Wonderland & Season's Givings event. Get a 200% boost to RIF/SIF/XP for 3 hours along with a 2X Eternity Splinters drop rate and increased Odin Mark drop rate when completing Legendary Quests, defeating bosses, and in X-Defense Chests. These boosts also increase your chance to receive Odin's Gift, a large bounty when defeating bosses of completing X-Defense or Holo-Sim waves.

  • Holiday Mystery Box - The Holiday Mystery Box is chock full of goodies that it won't matter if you have been good boy or girl this year. For a limited time, get a Guaranteed Hero or Costume Token and Holiday Candies as well as a chance at Boosts, Artifacts, Fortune Cards, Matrix of Unbinding and more. Oh my!