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Winter Holiday Event 2016!

Celebrate the Holidays with Marvel Heroes 2016’s Winter Event! Log in anytime from Tuesday December 20 2016 through January 2, 2017 for a FREE Punisher Dead Winter Team-Up and Mini Mandroid MK 7 Pet! Plus log in each day to receive an additional gift each day, check out our 14 Days of Giving schedule below.

In the spirit of the holidays, during this event you will receive a mission that will allow you to collect gifts to surprise your fellow superheroes and allies, who in turn will reward you with a present of your own!

In addition to the holiday event mission, Winter buffs will drop from any enemies defeated. Collect 5 of these buffs to receive a lootsplosion of holiday gifts for being nice this year!

Alongside this, enjoy 100% bonus XP, 50% bonus RIF & SIF, and increased Cosmic prestige leveling rate for the duration of the Winter Event!

14 Days of Giving Schedule

Day Date Gift
1 Tuesday, December 20 Team-Up Boost! Increase your rare Team-Up item drop rate and gain 100% Rare Item Find.
2 Wednesday, December 21 Winter Fortune Card! Right click for a chance at a few Winter Themed exclusives plus more.
3 Thursday, December 22 Classic Green Doctor Doom Team-Up! Log in for a Free Classic Green Doctor Doom Team-Up!
4 Friday, December 23 Holiday Mystery Box! Receive a free Holiday Mystery Box!
5 Saturday, December 24 Winter Wonder Boost! Log in to receive one of our most popular boosts!
6 Sunday, December 25 Mysterious Blue Omega Box and Mysterious Crimson Box! Log in to receive boxes that contains one of many rare Boss-specific Uniques!
7 Monday, December 26 Red Holiday colored H.E.R.B.I.E.! Log in for a free Red Holiday H.E.R.B.I.E. Pet!
8 Tuesday, December 27 Holiday Groot Team-Up! Log in for a Holiday Groot Team-up!
9 Wednesday, December 28 Green Holiday colored H.E.R.B.I.E.! Log in for a free Green Holiday H.E.R.B.I.E. Pet!
10 Thursday, December 29 Festivus Pole and Snow Flurry Artifacts! Log in for a free Festivus Pole Artifact AND Snow Flurry Artifact!
11 Friday, December 30 Cosmic Penta Boost! Receive a free 4 hour Cosmic Penta Boost!
12 Saturday, December 31 Ice Golem Pet! Close out 2016 with a free Ice Golem Pet!
13 Sunday, January 1 Random Hero Box! Ring in 2017 with a free Random Hero!
14 Monday, January 2 Random Costume Box! Our final day brings a Random Costume!

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