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Why Wait? 25% Off Costume + BOGO

Why Wait? 25% Off All Costumes + BOGO!

As part of our Why Wait? Early Black Friday sales extravaganza, we are introducing are best Costume sale ever. Available from now until Monday, November 24 at noon PST, all individual Costume purchases are 25% off and will award a random Costume box!

There has never been a better time to purchase a Costume, so now is the time to get your favorite Costumes!

Check out the full list of sales so far!

This is the third of our sale reveals for our amazing Black Friday sales. All Why Wait? sales will return for one last super sale from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (November 28 - December 1)! Check the full "Why Wait? Early Black Friday Weekend Sale" article for more!


What is included in the Bonus Random Costume Box?

You have an equal chance at receiving any of our costumes available for purchase with the exception of Fortune Card Exclusives, Holiday Exclusives, and Chase Costumes which are NOT included in the Random Costume Box.

Do I have a chance of receiving a Costume I already own from the Bonus Random Costume Box?

Yes, there is still a chance of you receiving a Costume that you already one.

If I bought a HCostume before the promotion started, will I receive a Bonus Random Cosume?

Yes, if you have purchased a Costume in the 7 days prior to when the promotion started, you will automatically receive a random Costume box for each individual costume purchased.

Is this promotion limited to a first time purchase?

No, you can purchase as many Costumes as you want and will receive a Bonus Random Costume Box for each Costume purchased.

If I save the Random Costume Box and open it after more Costumes are released, will I have a chance at receiving those?

No, the Random Costume boxes only contain the current roster of costumes.

Does this promotion include everything in the store?

No, this BOGO only includes Costumes.

Are Bundles part of this promotion?

No, Bundles such as the Avengers Assemble or Shuri Enhanced Costume Bundle are not a part of this promotion.

Does this promotion include Webstore Packs?

No, this promotion only includes Costumes sold in our In-Game Store that are available for purchase with Gs.

Does this promotion include Steam Packs?

No, this promotion only includes individual Costumes sold in our In-Game Store that are available for purchase with Gs.