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War Machine Joins Marvel Heroes 2015!

War Machine Joins Marvel Heroes 2015!

War Machine Now Available

Our 50th playable character, Lieutenant James “Rhodey” Rhodes, otherwise known as War Machine is now available in Marvel Heroes 2015!

Costume Preview:

Click an image below to get a closer look at War Machine's first costumes in Marvel Heroes 2015.


About War Machine

Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes of the U.S. Marine Corps has fought and bled for his country. But it was his friendship to Tony Stark that opened Rhodey up to the most difficult battles of his life. Tony Stark, the Invincible Iron Man, was feeling less than invincible when a dark time continually interfered with his superheroics. Donning the Iron Man suit while Tony got his life back together, Rhodey demonstrated an aptitude for Stark-built armor that would eventually inspire Tony to launch the lieutenant colonel’s career as the one man army: War Machine!

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