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Villain Pack Now Available!

The Villains Are Coming

Villain Pack Wave 4

The last 3 Heroes originally announced (all playable Villains) with our Advance Pack 1 are nearly here.

This pack is only available for a limited time so grab it now to save on the 2014 Wave 4 Hero releases at a discounted price!


  • JUGGERNAUT - the Unstoppable Force
  • MAGNETO - Master of Magnetism
  • VENOM - the Lethal Protector
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In addition, this pack will include one alternate costume and a S.T.A.S.H. tab for each Villain listed above!


  • The order listed here does not refer to the order they will be released in. All heroes and costumes included will be automatically delivered to you, in game, on their official sales date. You will also automatically receive each hero's Stash tab on the official sales date.
  • Exact release dates on heroes and costumes included in this pack are to be determined