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Venom Available on Console through Sept 27!


For a Limited Time, Venom Unleashes the Power of the Symbiote in Marvel Heroes Omega on Consoles! Available now through Wednesday, Sept. 27, the Lethal Protector brings his own brand of anti-heroism to consoles as the game’s 42nd playable character. He’s available through the “Marvel Heroes Omega - Venom Pack,” which can be purchased in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace, as well as through a bundle in-game. The pack includes Venom, two XP boosts, two Marvelous Loot Boxes, and an alternate suit representing another popular symbiote persona for Eddie Brock: Anti-Venom!

Costumes Preview:

Check out Venom's first costumes in Marvel Heroes Omega on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 available in his pack now!


About Venom

Though he started as a photographer for the Daily Bugle, Eddie Brock's life took a drastic turn when he was overtaken by the alien symbiote (which was previously bonded with Peter Parker himself). Calling himself Venom, Eddie had one purpose: destroy Spider-Man at any cost for costing him his job. Having become content with not obliterating Spider-Man, Venom has since served on the side of angels from time to time, calling himself a "Lethal Protector" and enacting his own twisted brand of justice on those he deems even more twisted than he.