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Variant Series 2 Costumes

Variant Costumes: Series 2

Variant Costumes

Loved our Series 1 Variant Costumes? Say hello to our newset set of awesome variants for the Series 2 lineup! These awesome costumes also each come with a unique emote and special Variant Costume VFX which you can toggle on and off. Take a look!

Variant Costume Previews:

These Variant Costumes are available for a limited time (you may see them again at a later date, but not for quite a while). Anyone who wants to purchase the Variant Costumes while they’re available absolutely can – there will be no shortage in terms of availability. With this in mind, we're bringing back Series 1 Variants for a limited time, so if you missed out on the first run here's your chance!

Captain America Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie (No Mask Variant) Costume History

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the world finds itself under siege by the nefarious Ultron. With no secret identity to protect, Captain America fights without his mask in this new Tony Stark-designed costume.

Daredevil Man Without Fear (Battle Damaged Variant) Costume History

Before donning his iconic red costume, Matt Murdock was defending the streets of Hell's Kitchen in this all black costume. Though he would invariably take his share of beatings before he would become the costumed hero Daredevil.

She-Hulk Single Green Female (Jeans Variant) Costume History

With this variation on her most iconic costume, She-Hulk brings a sense of the casual to your everyday superheroics. And let's face it, what's a hulk without a pair of purple pants?

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