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The Uncanny Fortune Card

Uncanny Fortune Card

In honor of our X-Giving event, we've created a brand new Fortune Card filled with some amazing X-Men goodies!

Nab a few Uncanny Fortune Cards for your chance at:

  • Gambit End of the World Costume (Exclusive)
  • Cyclops Noir Costume (Exclusive)
  • Bamf Pet
  • X-Force Red Spotlight Visual Artifact (Exclusive)
  • X-Men Blue Spotlight Visual Artifact (Exclusive)
  • ...and more!

Check out the exclusive Costumes and the Bamf pet available in the Uncanny Fortune Card!


Special Foil Uncanny Fortune Cards

This time, we've included Special Foil Editions of the Uncanny Fortune Card in our bundles! Each foil card does not contain any common rewards, and has a much higher chance of containing Epic rewards! Purchase our Box of 36x Uncanny Fortune Cards for 2 Foil cards, or the Limited Time Only Deluxe Box of 72 Uncanny Fortune Cards for 5 Foil Cards!

Try your hand at this new Fortune Card today!