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Two New Costumes!

Two New Costumes Available

Wolverine All-New Marvel NOW! and Nova Original Costumes are both available now!

This week features one of Wolverine's latest costumes straight from Marvel NOW! after losing his healing ability as well as a classic Nova costume. Note that Ultimate Founders Pack owners have already received the Nova Original Costume.

Costume Previews:

Click an image below to get a closer look at our two newest costumes.


Wolverine All-New Marvel NOW! Costume History

After losing his healing factor, Wolverine adopted this armored costume (created by Superior Spider-Man) and served for a time as a mercenary as well as member of the Avengers.

Nova Original Costume History

After inheriting the Nova Corps helmet from Rhomann Dey, Richard Rider also adorned the uniform of the Nova Centurions and used his newfound powers to fight evil on Earth. Though he experimented with some variation on the classic look, this was Richard's iconic costume for a majority of his career.

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