Three New Costumes Now Available!

This week we are introducing THREE new costumes to the store, the long awaited Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor, Cable's Techno-Organic Virus costume, and a special holiday costume... Daredevil's "I'm Not Daredevil" outfit. All three are available for purchase in-game now!

Iron Man

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Hulkbuster Armor

Though it was originally designed to go toe-to-toe with a frenzied Hulk, Tony Stark and the New Avengers were forced to battle this modern version of the Hulkbuster armor when a terrorist reprogrammed it to rampage through New York's Times Square.



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Techno-Organic Virus

This unique look is based on an alternate universe version of Cable in which he had become completely overcome with the T.O. virus. In this alternate reality, Cable also merged with the alien techno-organic beings known as the Phalanx and used their assimilation technology to conquer the planet.



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I'm Not Daredevil

Matt Murdock wore this colorful sweater to a holiday party the night before a dangerous bus crash in the snow. It’s obvious that he’s not Daredevil.





We hope you enjoy these new costumes, and as always, we want to hear your feedback! Talk to us on our Forums, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and tell us what you think.