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Team-Up System Revamp


We are incredibly excited about the upcoming renovations to the current Team-Up system in Marvel Heroes 2015. Below are some highlights from Ryolnir's (Community Manager/Game Designer) forum posts detailing the team's plan to make Team-Ups much more customizable, versatile, and overall more awesome and fun to use!


A whole new Team-Up progression system. This system aims to give optimal customization control depending on the style you've chosen for your Team-Ups. With more control, you can now put the power where YOU feel it fits best for optimal destruction.

"To get there, we’ve expanded the power trees of Team-Ups as well as their customization options and created a whole new means of progression wherein a Team-Up hero earns experience alongside you. A Team-Up can now level up to 60, earning new powers as they progress, as well as Power Points. Power Points can be spent, just like a playable hero, allowing you to make your favorite Team-Up feel more like the hero you’d like them to be."

"The end result is that a Team-Up’s progression and choices matter, but you are not locked into any build by how you choose to use your Team-Up (permanent ally, burst damage or away). Team-Ups receive fewer Power Points than players, but each power requires fewer points, accordingly. You should make your choices carefully, with many powers impacting others."


Battlefield Control

In sync with added control via customizability through Team-Up progression, Ryolnir and team are concentrating on integrating more control into the battlefield to help you get the most assistance from your Team-Up!

"In the battlefield, heroes constantly give each other orders and suggest maneuvers. Captain America tells Bucky to jump out of the way, and Spider-Man might tell Firestar to dodge Black Cat’s poison bomb before it goes off. To represent this, we’re going to let players have more control over their Team-Up’s movement. If Drax is being pummeled by AOEs (which he’ll take 50% damage from) or is standing in the way of a Rhino charge, a player can use a hotkey to direct him to their cursor, similar to Rocket Raccoon’s Groot summon."


Putting customization aside, a truly awesome Team-Up system means better survivability so your sidekicks are most effective in even the toughest situations.

"In addition to allowing a hero to give their Team-Up orders, we’re doing a full pass on the survivability of Team-Ups. While it still might be true that you don’t want your Team-Up hero active during a raid battle with complicated mechanics or 10 players on screen, we think Team-Up heroes should be able to be active in nearly all content if you choose. To balance the survivability improvements and newfound potency, a Team-Up’s cooldown will begin on defeat rather than upon being summoned. I personally look forward to crushing Cosmic Kurse’s face as Psylocke with the help of Archangel."


Paying special attention to preserving & improving crucial Team-Up powers is going hand-in-hand with the introduction of new powers that will compliment the new changes that will be implemented to provide a truly epic Team-Up experience.

"Since many players currently think of their favorite Team-Up as the one who’s passive benefits them most. That will still true if you choose to use them as ‘Away’ Team-Ups, same as it ever was - but you will also want to take a closer look at how you can modify their other Away powers. We want to be sure that every Team-Up was on an equal playing field with active powers too. As discussed in the previous preview, many Team-Ups feature brand new powers to put them on the same level of combat effectiveness as others, in addition to new effects gained by putting Power Points into ‘Passive’ powers. We fully expect that with each new playable hero, players will also be posting their active AND away Team-Up choices and builds to go along with them - especially with the new level of granularity and customization."


Each of our playable Heroes offer various Synergy bonuses, so we felt your Team-Up roster should as well!

"In addition to leveling Team-Up Heroes for new powers and customization, we also wanted to add a more meta-sense of progression as we have with playable heroes. Just like a playable hero, the Team-Up Synergy system encourages you to build a healthy roster of Team-Ups and use them, each of them conveying unique bonuses when leveled to 25 & 50. The goal is to establish a new level of customization for your own heroes and a new reason to gain experience, even at level 60. "


That's good, and we understand you want to figure out when the changes are coming, how the changes affect existing Team-Ups, and numerous others! Ryolnir and team have started a thread on our forums answering some key frequently asked questions. This is also a great place to see what kinds of questions others have asked and discuss the upcoming revamp. Click HERE to check out the FAQ thread.

Additionally, you can read Ryolnir's full forum posts for PART 1 and PART 2. Join in on the discussion there or let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+!

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