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Team-Up with Agent Venom!

Agent Venom

Flash Thompson fights beside you as Agent Venom, the first Team-Up to be added to Marvel Heroes 2016.

About Agent Venom

Alien symbiote? Check. Hardened military experience and impressive arsenal? You bet. Flash Thompson, Peter Parker's high school bully, underwent a life changing experience at the hands of Operation Rebirth 2.0. Having lost both of his legs during active duty, Flash was given a chance to serve his country again as the new super soldier: Agent Venom! As you might expect when dealing with symbiotes, the government gig didn't last very long and Agent Venom was soon fighting of his own accord as well as a member of the Secret Avengers and eventually the Guardians of the Galaxy. As a Team-Up hero, you can expect Agent Venom to use all of his talents - grenades, firearms and deadly alien tendrils to get the job done.