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Team-Up 2.0

Say Hello to Team-Ups 2.0

It's here! The wait for the revamp of our beloved Team-Ups is finally over.
Here's the highlights of what's available in the first part of the Team-Up 2.0 revision:

  • Power Trees and Leveling - Team-Ups will now gain experience and levels, along with their own power points.
  • New Powers & Signatures - Almost all Team-Ups have received some new powers, including signature powers!
  • Team-Up Styles - Select from Bodyguard, Assist, and a third style unique to each Team-Up.
  • Team-Up Items - Team-Up items have received an overhaul.
  • Cosmic Team-Up Items - Cosmic Team-Up items now drop in the world.
  • Team-Up Gear Boosts - The Team-Up gear find boosts have finally arrived.
  • ...and more!

For the full details of each of the above highlights, head on over to our OFFICIAL FORUMS to read about Team-Up 2.0 and other fun stuff in Patch 1.55!