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Taskmaster Age of Ultron, Ultimate Thor Now Available!

Two new costumes are now available! Grab Taskmaster's unique Age of Ultron outfit complete with his tiny green backpack now, as well as Ultimate Thor, who wields a massive hammer larger than the regular Mjolnir.


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Age of Ultron Costume

After the end of the world as we know it at the hands of Ultron, various heroes and villains fought together - with some very unlikely pairings. In that timeline, Taskmaster wore this unique take on his classic costume and carried a valuable package in a tiny green backpack.




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Ultimate Thor Costume

Though originally unwilling to join this universe's band of "Avengers", Thor came around when it became clear that Tony Stark and the others could not stop the Chitauri Invasion alone. This version of Thor wields a massive hammer - two to three times the size of the regular Mjolnir.



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