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Summer Beach Party!

She Sells Conch Shells Down by the Sea Shore

We're throwing a Summer Beach Party, and you're invited! To kick off the party, the servers will be boosted +50% SIF/RIF/XP.

Who likes to sell Conch Shells by the shore? Jocasta does, and she's very eager to trade for them! During the party, Conch Shells will drop in game which you can use to purchase some totally far-out items and artifacts. Here's a list of the gnarly things you can buy with your Conch Shells from Jocasta:


  • Mysterious Crimson Box (Mouse-Over for Details) - Randomly gifts one of 10 Hot Artifacts!
    • These are highly sought-after BOSS-EXCLUSIVE artifacts, and come at a high price
  • Big Kahuna (Mouse-Over for Details) - "The Big Cheese"
    • New legendary to help your characters be the big man around town
  • Brutally Awesome Summer Shades - "The beach ball went that way!"
    • A rad new unique to impress the babes
  • The Perfect Wave - "WOPAHH!"
    • Get pitted in the barrel with another new unique, brah!

To get you started, we're giving you five Conch Shells as a login reward every day that you log in for the party. See you all there - don't forget to bring a towel and some sandals, otherwise you'll be dubbed a Shoe-bie!


Limited Time Beach Party Fortune Cards!

Also available is a new special limited time Beach Party Fortune Card featuring new party boosts. These are an amazing value and the new beach party boosts will buff your entire party!


Hot Dogs are BACK

We're bringing the Summer BBQ with us to the beach! As long as this party is kickin', you'll be able to collect all the delicious hot dogs your heart desires. The more you collect, the better you'll feel - so let's have hot dogs for every meal!


Marvel Heroes 2015 Game Update 1.08

Along with this event, this game update includes a new costume, various bug fixes, and more! Full patch notes for Game Update 1.08 can be found HERE.