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St. Patrick's Day Special -- 25% Off Characters in Green!

St. Patrick's Day Special

25% Off Characters in Green!

Marvel Heroes 2015 - St. Patrick's Day Special

If you’re a character in Marvel Heroes 2015 who isn’t wearing green today, don’t worry – we’re not going to pinch you. You’ll just have to settle for being green with envy as other characters rise in popularity because they're 25% off for a limited time.

Yep, that’s 25% off of Heroes like Rogue, Loki, Jean Grey and that one big angry-smashy guy. The offer includes green-inclusive costumes too, for all of these characters, plus Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man and Taskmaster as well as a few smaller items.*

Even emerald-tinted Team-Ups get the 25% off treatment. Hey Drax, Gamora and She-Hulk – we’re looking in your direction!

Want a full list of everything available? Well, here you go. (Then, feel free to pinch Frank Castle yourself. He won’t mind.)


  • Hulk
  • Rogue
  • Jean Grey
  • Loki


  • Drax
  • Gamora
  • She-Hulk


  • Holiday Hulk
  • Hulk Avengers
  • Hulk Horseman of the Apocalypse
  • Hulk Marvel NOW!
  • Hulk Mr. Fixit
  • Hulk Planet Hulk
  • Hulk Ultimate
  • Jean Grey All-New X-Men
  • Jean Grey Marvel Girl
  • Loki Classic
  • Lady Loki
  • Loki Siege
  • Rocket Raccoon Marvel NOW! (Green)
  • Rocket Raccoon Original Green
  • Rogue Classic
  • Rogue Savage Land
  • Spider-Man Big Time Green
  • Taskmaster Age of Ultron


  • Old Lace
  • Throg

    Items/Fortune Cards

  • Experience Boosts 2 - Hour
  • Experience Rush Energy Bar
  • Fortune Card Mark 2

*This sale does not include Rogue Age of X Costume or the St. Patrick's Day Fortune Cards.