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Shacknews Interview with David Brevik

Shacknews - Chatty Q&A with David Brevik

Earlier this week, David Brevik had the chance to sit down with Shacknews and do some Q&A about Marvel Heroes 2015. Here's a snippet of the conversation:

Shacknews: For those that haven't followed the Marvel Heroes story to this point, where is the story going into 2015?

David Brevik: Marvel Heroes 2015 can be best summed up as the start of our second season. We have a ton of fun plans this year, including playable villains. The story of the game focuses on Doctor Doom having the Cosmic Cube, then that power being transferred to Loki late last year. The end of the Asgard storyline is live in the game right now, with Surtur and the raid. We will be continuing the storyline this year and hope to tie it in directly with a current comics event.

Shacknews: When we last spoke about a year ago, you weren't so sure about the idea of adding playable villains. Now that you've introduced Loki and Taskmaster, what other villains is the team looking to make playable?

David Brevik: It was important for us to focus on creating the heroes that are core to the Marvel Universe. After we sat back and listened, the community was quite vocal in its opinion on playing as villains. We made the earlier audible to put in Loki and this spring we added Taskmaster. Later this year, we will be introducing Magento, Juggernaut and Venom.

Shacknews: With Guardians of the Galaxy about to release in theaters, are there plans to take Marvel Heroes into the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe?

David Brevik: Absolutely. We love the cosmic storylines. We are approaching it in several ways. First, we are going to have all of the Guardians in the game either as playable heroes or Team-Ups. Those will all be live the day before the movie. We will have Nova in the game soon after. Silver Surfer is live and the list goes on. We will also be visiting the cosmic side of things in our main storyline, but that's all I can say right now...

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