Runic Revelry Weekend!

RUNIC REVELRY WEEKEND! In celebration of Forge of Asgard, Runewords, and the new item enchantment system, we are boosting Rare Item Find and Special item find by 100%! So this weekend, the chance of Runes, Uru-Forged items, and more dropping will be DOUBLED!

Also to help grant your first Runeword, login this weekend to receive a component needed to craft "Seer's Brilliance", the first Runeword available, in addition to the Red Envelope rewards for our Lunar New Year celebration.

Login Saturday to receive an Uru-Forged item which will serve as the base of your Runeword item, Sunday and Monday's login rewards are the specific runes needed to complete the Runeword.

To craft this Runeword, head over to the Enchanter (a new NPC located near the crafter in all social hubs) and click on the "Runewords" Tab!

We hope you enjoy Runewords! Join us on our Forums, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and tell us what you think.