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Return of the Cowpocalypse!

Cowpocalypse Continues!

The Cowpocalypse continues!

Here's the details of all the madness:
  • +40% XP server-side XP boost! - For the duration of the event, there will be a 40% XP bonus, representing the 4 stomachs of the noble Bovine.
  • Cow Summonings - Bosses can now roll an affix that summons… can you guess it? MORE COWS!
  • ICP Cow Waves - Defeat waves of Angry Bovine in Industry City Patrol!
  • Buffed Bovine Portal Loot - The Confidential Bovine Sector and Bovineheim levels have both had significant loot buffs. Included in this buff is a chance for the High Commander in the Confidential Bovine Sector to drop a portal to Bovineheim!
  • Bovine Portal Uniques - Keep an eye out for the special region-specific Uniques in both Bovine levels
  • Bovine Portal Drops - Bosses and mobs in all parts of the game have a chance to drop portals to the Bovine Sector and Bovineheim
  • Make sure to check out our All-New Cow Fortune Cards that are exclusive to the Cowpocalypse

Hail to the Cow King, baby.