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Rachel Alves & Spider-Girl Enhanced Costume Arrive!


Rachel Cole Alves & Spider Girl Enhanced Costumes Arrive!

Rachel Cole Alves: THE PUNISHER #1 (2011) by Greg Rucka introduced this female Marine with every bit the skills – and agenda to wipe out the bad guys – as Frank Castle. She may play like the Punisher, but her own unique voiceover and animations make her feel like you’ve added an entirely new vigilante to your roster.

Spider-Girl: Introduced by Tom Defalco in What If? Vol 2 #105, the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane in an alternate universe developed her father's powers as a teenager. This costume also features new voiceover from Mary Faber.

Costume Previews:

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Rachel Cole Alves Enhanced Costume History

Teaming up with the Punisher, Marine Sergeant Rachel Alves is hunting down the criminal organization responsible for the deaths of her husband and entire family. Frank Castle has inspired many imitators, but none with Sergeant Alves’ skill or drive.

Spider-Girl Enhanced Costume History

In an alternate future where Peter Parker and Mary Jane have a daughter, teenager May "Mayday" Parker uses her inherited spider-powers to fight crime as the Spectacular Spider-Girl.


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