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Odin's Bounty Is Back & Improved!

Say Hello to an Improved Odin's Bounty!

Just like before, Odin's Bounty features an amazing bonus loot game mode rotation (check out the full schedule here). However, instead of bosses having boosted loot, they will now drop Chests of Odin's Bounty. These chests are loot boxes that you can collect and then open later for an epic lootsplosion! Chests of Odin's Bounty have a high chance to contain Runes and Odin Marks, as well as a chance to drop the Mysterious Crimson Box, which contains rare boss-specific artifacts. Odin's Bounty Boosts are back as well and now include an increased jackpot chance!

During the applicable rotation phase, bosses will drop Odin's Bounty Chests depending on difficulty & location:

  • Green Bosses - 1 Chest
  • Red Bosses - 2 Chests
  • Cosmic Bosses - 3 Chests (2 from the boss & 1 from the completion chest)
  • X-Defense & Holo-Sim - Drop an escalating number of chests depending on wave completion

Additionally, everyone has a rare chance to receive Odin's Blessing, which gives your chests special jackpot loot! Odin's Bounty Potions have been known to increase your chances of receiving Odin's Blessing.

A new daily mission has been added for this event: Deliver Odin's Wrath! Serve as Odin’s champion and conquer enemies of Asgard each day for a special reward. Head to Lady Sif in Avengers Tower (located near the waypoint) to receive this mission. This mission can be completed once per day during the course of the event and will return for each subsequent Odin’s Bounty.

For more details, please check out our full Patch Notes for Game Update 1.15.

Full Loot Rotation Schedule (PDT)