New Hero: Emma Frost Now Available!

Emma Frost has become the second hero to join the ranks of Marvel Heroes! This mind-bending hero is ready to be added to your roster today!

With her telepathy, mind control, and diamond form powers, Emma Frost brings a unique and powerful play style to the Marvel Heroes roster. Many of you have been waiting patiently for Emma Frost to be added to the game and we're happy to say your wait is over!

Who Is Emma Frost?

We've updated Emma Frost's Hero page with more information about her including her full game statistics - click here to visit.

Costume Preview:

Click an image below to get a closer look at Emma Frost's first three costumes for Marvel Heroes

How to Get Emma Frost

Founders Program

Founders who purchased the pre-launch Ultimate Pack will receive the following upon logging in after she is released:

  1. Emma Frost in Modern Costume (unlocked in your roster - press 'T')
  2. Emma Frost White Queen Costume (in her S.T.A.S.H. tab)
  3. Emma Frost New X-Men Costume (in her S.T.A.S.H. tab)
  4. Emma Frost S.T.A.S.H. tab

If you did not become part of the Marvel Heroes Founders Program, there are three ways you can add Emma Frost to your roster:

Buy From In-Game Store

Emma Frost can be unlocked directly from the in-game store for 1100G. While in-game, press 'X' to bring up the in-game store.

Earn with Eternity Splinters

If you would prefer, you can purchase Emma Frost with our new alternate currency, Eternity Splinters. Emma Frost will cost 400 Eternity Splinters, so get playing and save those splinters!

Discuss Emma Frost

Finally, if you want to talk about Emma, her forum is open for business! Drop by the Emma Frost Forum to swap tips and tricks with other players and learn the best way to play!