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Mystic Mayhem!

Mystic Mayhem

The Demon Lord N’astirh has opened a rift between Earth and Limbo. He is invading our world, causing mayhem, fear, and ruthless destruction. N’astirh has a purpose. He seeks to establish a permanent bridge between the two realms such that he may finally conquer Earth and all her citizens.

He’s summoned enemies from some of the most dangerous realms this side of Hel - striking a deal that would divide up Earth into parcels, to be ruled by the worst of the worst. It’s your duty to stop N’astirh and his minions before their invasion succeeds.


  • Infernal Limbo - A new game mode only available during Mystic Mayhem that sends players into Limbo to defeat the Demon Lord N’astirh!
  • Legendary Mystic Scrolls and Double Legendary Mystic Scrolls - Items that can drop anywhere giving you some of the best loot in the game!
  • Heroes Wanted - Hero Tokens can again drop anywhere in the world, in and out of Limbo, from any enemy.
  • Asgard Supports the War Effort - Higher chance for rare runes to drop anywhere in game
  • Experience Counts - 63% Experience Boost
  • Finding Items - 63% RIF/SIF Boost
  • New Mission: Strike on Limbo - Speak to Magik in the X-Mansion for a mission that grants you 3 power points and +63 permanent health bonus!
  • Mystic Mayhem Invades - Demons from Limbo have invaded Midtown Manhattan Patrol!
  • Mystic Achievements - A new mystery achievement will be added each time the event goes live, and if players solve it before the end of the event, the 63% XP/RIF/SIF buff will last an extra day, overlapping with the next event!
  • Mystic Mayhem Boxes
  • ... more!

Check out the Event Forum Page for updates and more details about each feature!