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Mini & Pro Packs!


To celebrate our upcoming release of Marvel Heroes on Mac, we have crafted two special packs for the occasion: the Mini and Pro Packs! These packs are available to all players on both the PC and Mac version of Marvel Heroes and include not only Heroes, but advance orders on exclusive costumes such as Black Variants on the Future Foundation costumes for Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Spider-Man, and Thing! The Pro Pack even comes with a very special edition of our upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy based armor for Iron Man.

Renders of missing content will be made available in each pack detail page shortly. Purchasers will automatically receive currently unreleased content upon the actual release date.

Mini & Pro Packs

Find out more about the contents of each pack, you can find the Mini Pack here, and the Pro Pack here!


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Advance/Exclusive Content

The unreleased and/or exclusive content such as the Future Foundation Dr. Doom Team-Up, iBoosts, and the Guardians of the Galaxy White Variant Armor for Iron Man will all be automatically granted when they are ready for the game (not yet determined). They are exclusively guaranteed in these packs, however they will be available to win in a special Fortune Card (or cards) planned for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can PC users purchase this pack?

Yes, this pack is not exclusive to Mac players.

When will I receive the unreleased content such as Iron Man's Guardians of the Galaxy White Variant Armor?

There is no set date yet, however we will be aiming to deliver everything included in both packs within the next couple months.

Is this Pack limited time only?

Yes, this pack is limited time only.

How come each pack page is missing thumbnails for the exclusive content?

They are not fully completed! We will be adding them in as we finish.