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Midtown Madness

Midtown Madness

Midtown Madness returns, this time with even more action, more buffs, and more loot than before! Below are some of the awesome new features that have been packed into Midtown Madness:

  • Extra Loot from Midtown Bosses - chance for very rare items & increased chance to roll cosmic or unique items
  • Midtown-Inspired Server Buffs - 59% server-wide buffs to XP, SIF, & RIF in honor of Midtown's 59th street history
  • Midtown Fortune Cards - all new Fortune Card that drops in Midtown!

Midtown Fortune Card Details

Introducing the Midtown Fortune Card! This brand new Fortune Card is not for sale and is only available as a drop in Midtown during Midtown Madness. These Fortune Cards can contain a number of valuable items, but also have a rare chance to give high-value items or ultimate upgrade tokens. Midtown Fortune Cards can drop from any enemy in Midtown, so be sure to go crazy in Midtown Madness!

For full details of Midtown Madness, please see our patch notes in the Marvel Heroes 2015 forums.

Labor Day Weekend Notables!

Labor Day Weekend BOGO

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Jean Grey Age of Apocalypse Costume

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