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Mega Pack MK III - 35% off!

Mega Pack Mk III

All Heroes from 2013 - 2014 at an 80% discount!

The Mega Pack MK III is back on sale once again! The Mega Pack Mk III will be available for $129.99, a 35% discount from the already amazing regular value of $199 (a full 80% discount from face value of all items)!

Included in this pack:

  • All Heroes released through 2014 - 43 total!
  • 43 Hero S.T.A.S.H.. pages - extra Hero specific inventory for each Hero
  • 60 Fortune Cards - 10 each of Mark 1 through 6
  • 1 Pet - Ultron Silver Pet
  • 25 Two Hour XP Boosts
  • 2000 Gs
  • Permanent Account-Level 5% XP Boost
  • Permanent Account-Level 5% Rare Item-Find Boost
  • Permanent Account-Level 5% Special Item-Find Boost

The Mega Pack Mk III is an incredible deal, and if you've just started to fill out your Hero roster, this is the pack to buy! Sale ends Tuesday October 13th, at noon pacific time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I already own a Hero included in this pack?

If you already own a Hero included in this pack, you will receive an Ultimate Upgrade Token for that hero. You will also receive that Hero’s default costume which will be delivered directly to that Hero’s S.T.A.S.H. Tab.

Do the Permanent Account Level Boosts stack if I have purchased a previous Mega Pack or Ultimate Pack?

Yes, if you have purchased a Mega Pack MK II or Ultimate Pack. The Permanent Account Level Boost does stack, but not on top of a different Mega Pack MK III purchase.