Marvel Heroes Dev Diary: Building a Hero

Marvel Heroes allows you to play as the heroes you know, dressed in the costumes you love, using the powers you expect! We wanted to give you an idea of all of the work that goes into creating a Marvel Heroes character from start to finish, so we gave Brian Michael Bendis (Chief Writer), David Brevik (President and COO) and many other Gazillion developers a chance to walk you through the process in this brand new developer diary!

As you can probably imagine, it’s a long process to get a hero from a comic book page to your computer screen, involving lots of different stages and development teams. This Developer Diary team offers a glimpse into the nuts and bolts of development, from designing a character’s costume, to creating unique powers and sound effects as well as giving each character a unique and balanced feel. Watch the video below:

Now that you’ve seen the process of creating a hero, their powers and costumes, be sure to check out the Marvel Heroes Founder’s Program for a chance to start as your favorite hero in your favorite costume as soon as the game launches - at a massive discount!