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Loki Joins Marvel Heroes Omega for PS4 and Xbox One!


Today, Loki joins Marvel Heroes Omega on Xbox One® and PlayStation®4 as the console version’s 44th playable character. With an ensemble of spells ranging from arcane magic and illusionary tactics to powers of ice and fire, Thor’s half-brother has the goods to cause plenty of damage in battle. Loki’s default costume echoes his classic comic book look, and players who purchase him also have access to a much younger look for the character from his LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD series

Black Bolt is currently available as a timed exclusive by purchasing the Loki Pack in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace – and will be available to acquire with Eternity Splinters or Gs in a month.

Costumes Preview:

Check out Loki's first costumes in Marvel Heroes Omega on Xbox One® and PlayStation®4 available in his pack now!


About Loki

Loki is the Norse god of mischief and evil and the adopted son of Odin All-Father, the ruler of Asgard. He is crafty, clever, and resourceful, using sorcery to achieve his intricate goals. Loki resents the glory and acclaim given to his adoptive brother, Thor, and he strives to place himself on the throne of Asgard. However, on the rare occasions when his goals overlap with Thor or other heroes, Loki has been known to ally himself with those he would otherwise detest.