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It's Time for Big Ten

2nd Anniversary, 2nd Big Ten

Big Ten June 2015

As we close out our anniversary month, we're going completely bonkers by bringing back Big Ten for a second time this year!
From now until June 30th, we'll be running some of your favorite past events and sales for one big event. If you don't log in for this, you're missing out.

Big Ten will feature:

  • Free Iron Man Mk II Team-Up! - Anyone who logs in this Big Ten weekend (June 26th - June 28th) will get an Iron Man Mk II Team-Up as a login reward! Don't miss out on your chance to put Iron Man by your side.

    Iron Man Mk II Team-Up

  • Cosmic Chaos - Cosmic Mystery Boxes, boosted Cosmic terminals and more! Don't let Doop get away with your loot! Check out the Cosmic Chaos blog post for all the details!
  • Operation Omega - Join your fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits for omega level loot, bosses, leveling and more! Check out the Operation Omega details for the inside scoop on all the features and goodies.
  • Odin's Bounty - Our loot rotation is back! Visit the right modes for Chests of Odin's Bounty and chance at Odin's Bless and the Mystery Crimson Box! Check out the FULL LIST of Odin's Bounty features and goodies for all the details! Please also check out the FULL SCHEDULE for the loot rotation!
  • Big Ten Daily Gift - The ultimate in daily gifts, you simply cannot miss this! Login during our 2015 Big Ten event for the most massive gift we've ever created!
    • 50 A.R.M.O.R. Drives
    • 30 Cosmic Worldstones
    • 30 Omega Files
    • 10 Odin Marks
    • 10 Eternity Splinters
    • 10 Cube Shards

    This isn't just limited to a one-time login! You will receive a Big Ten Daily Gift every day during the Big Ten Event!

  • Anniversary Cake Continued - We know you love cake just as much as we do. Anniversary cake will continue to drop throughout Big Ten so you can gather enough cake for a lootsplosion!
  • Cowpocalypse Continues - The rein of terror from the fearsome bovines ravaging the lands goes on! If you missed out on the details, check out the BLOG POST for all the Cowpocalypse details!
  • Hero/Costume BOGO + 35% Off Mega Pack Mk III - We're bringing back your favorite sale - the Hero & Costume Buy-one, Get-one (BOGO) deal. During Big Ten, Heroes and Costumes purchased in-game will grant a random hero or costume (see FAQ for exceptions). Also back for the final week of our anniversary is our Mega Pack Mk III priced at a 35% DISCOUNT! This pack includes all Heroes released up to 2014 (a total of 43 heroes. This pack will return to regular price of $199.99 at the end of Big Ten, so snag this discount! For full details, visit our BOGO and Mega Pack Mk III blog posts.
  • Boost Bonanza Returns - As if all of the bonuses you'll reap from the events above aren't enough, we're going all-out and bringing back our Boost Bonanza sale so you can boost to oblivion! Loot and XP orbs will be so plentiful you'll swear you're in the playground ball pit again! Check out the Boost Bonanza details!
  • Fortune Favors You - The most fortunate of events! Complete a special daily mission each day to receive a random Fortune Card! We've also added two all-new HUGE boxes of Fortune Cards. As an extra fortunate bonus, all Box of 36 Fortune Card Marks 1 - 6, Uncanny X-Men, and Future Foundation will be on sale for 50% off! For more details about the Fortune Favors You event and our newest Fortune Card Boxes, head over to our BLOG POST

Go big or go home with Big Ten - it's our anniversary, what did you expect!?