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It's a Cowtastrophe!

A Cowtastrophe has broken out!

Join us for a moo-tastic event never before seen in Marvel Heroes 2015. This first time special event is filled with bovines galore, watch out, the many villains of Marvel can now summon these moo-rphing Skrulls to help them out!

Log in this Saturday January 24th for an extremely special event never before seen in Marvel Heroes 2015. David Brevik himself will be playing AS the Cow King! Don't miss it as he will be able to group with players, drop rewards, grant special buffs and more!

Here's the details of all the madness:
  • +40% XP server-side XP boost! - For the duration of the event, there will be a 40% XP bonus, representing the 4 stomachs of the noble Bovine.
  • Discounted Bovine Portals - The Confidential Bovine Sector Portal on Adam Warlock is temporarily 45 Eternity Splinters, a discount of 30%, and the Bovineheim portal is temporarily 100 Eternity Splinters, a discount of 50%!
  • Cow Summonings -Bosses can now roll an affix that summons… can you guess it? Yes, MORE COWS!
  • ICP Cow Waves - Defeat waves of Angry Bovine in Industry City Patrol!
  • Buffed Bovine Portal Loot - The Confidential Bovine Sector and Bovineheim levels have both had significant loot buffs. Included in this buff is a chance for the High Commander in the Confidential Bovine Sector to drop a portal to Bovineheim!
  • New Bovine Portal Uniques - There are special new region-specific Uniques in both Bovine levels
  • Bovine Portal Drops - Bosses and mobs in all parts of the game have a chance to drop portals to the Bovine Sector and Bovineheim
  • Bovine Portal Drops - The Daily Gift for this event will be a free portal to both the Confidential Bovine Sector and Bovineheim! Moooooo.

Also as an added bonus, log in Saturday to receive a Mini-Cow Pet login reward as well!

Hail to the Cow King, baby.