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Iron Fist: Developer Interview

Danger Room

For over two years, Danny Rand has been channeling his chi, waiting for the proper time to burst into Marvel Heroes 2015 with the strength of his devastating punch. That time is now, as Iron Fist joins the super-powered multiplayer online RPG as its 54th playable character today. We asked Gazillion’s own Anthony Gallegos and Ryan Collins to fill us in.

With so many characters on the roster, most with more than 20 moves each, what sets Iron Fist apart as a playable character from all the others in the game?

Anthony Gallegos, Game Designer: Iron Fist is the first character we've done that really emphasizes martial arts. By that I mean we pay homage to his lineage, both in comics and culturally speaking as a product of the kung-fu film era. To that end, Iron Fist has several stances he switches between, all of which have an awesome animal-inspired pose.

The coolest thing, though, is that Iron Fist has so many unique animations for Shaolin Strike, his spirit spender. Each stance he changes into not only changes many of his visual effects, but also switches up the animations for his spirit spender; so if you're in crane stance you'll see more avian-like attacks, for instance.

What was the toughest obstacle to overcome in creating the character?

AG: So many heroes in the Marvel Universe punch and kick things, and we already have a host of melee-focused characters, so we wanted to figure out what makes Iron Fist a character that fights alongside other Marvel titans. I think we've answered that by giving him some of the most stylized combat to date, as well as giving him unique mechanics with how he generates and maintains his Chi via stance dancing.

What are some of his coolest moves, and what do they entail?

AG: It's really hard to choose, and tough to pick one because so many of his powers are augmented by others. For instance when you jump into Leopard Stance, it might augment one of his AoE powers, making it even more powerful or adding new animations. We tried hard to make it so players felt like they had a reason to rapidly switch between a couple of stances so they could get a little something extra out of whatever powers they decide to put into his rotation. His signature definitely emphasizes this, as each stance has a different effect on it.

What does Johnny Yong Bosch bring to the role as Iron Fist’s voice actor?

Ryan Collins, Content Manager: Fans of Johnny know he's got quite the background with popular martial-arts-based characters, some of them very well known. But now that he's Iron Fist, I'm a bigger fan of his than ever – he's perfect for the role with his able to transition between kicking butt and a calm, wise martial arts master with a little bit of smart aleck thrown in.

Check out a few screenshots:

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