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Introducing Variant Costumes!

Variant Costumes: Series 1

Variant Costumes


If you’re a regular of the Marvel Heroes 2015 forums (and really, why wouldn’t you be?), you may have heard a thing or two (or two hundred) about the new Limited Edition Variant Costumes for Star-Lord, Hawkeye and Winter Soldier available this weekend (and not much longer after that!). These awesome costumes also each come with a unique emote and special Variant Costume VFX which you can toggle on and off. We’ve taken all of your feedback into consideration, and here’s what in store for you…

Variant Costume Previews:

These Variant Costumes are available for a limited time (you may see them again at a later date, but not for quite a while). Anyone who wants to purchase the Variant Costumes while they’re available absolutely can – there will be no shortage in terms of availability.

Hawkeye's Hawkguy (Sweatpants) Variant Costume History

Based on his appearances in the critically aclaimed, Eisner award-winning Hawkeye, Clint Barton is not always wearing purple tights in Marvel Comics, so why should he in Marvel Heroes?! This costume for Hawkeye goes so far as to put him in his pajamas as a special variant!

Winter Soldier Movie (Maskless) Variant Costume History

In the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it is revealed that Captain America's best friend, Bucky Barnes, had been captured by HYDRA after his 'death' in the previous film. Bucky is depicted here without his trademark mask and goggles, instead wearing warpaint.

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