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Hulk Level 52 Review


I am The Art of Rawr, a member of the design team on Marvel Heroes and the primary designer for Hulk’s level 52 review. Below is a preview of what to expect and a peek into the reasoning behind his design.

Tireless Monster

Hulk is a giant green rage monster that is only limited by his own anger, of which he has an unlimited supply. To support this in his gameplay, Anger is replacing Spirit as his primary resource. Here's an overview of how it works:

  • Anger starts empty, and is gained in combat
  • Anger is not spent, but empties when out of combat
  • When it's full you'll become "Very Angry", which enhances your powers
The resulting dynamic is that Hulk "revs up" as he fights and never runs out of gas.

Big Green Brawler

Hulk lays down the hurt by hitting them really hard or grabbing something heavy to hit them really hard with (sometimes both). We reinforced this gameplay through visual updates to his powers and by adding some new ones:

  • Worldbreaker - Hulk has a new ultimate that features him unleashing the full extent of his gamma-infused rage in an astronomical explosion with enough sheer force to crack a planet
  • Meteor Strike - Formerly Hulk’s ultimate, now a normal power that features him leaping into space to grab a meteor to crash into your enemies. It now serves as a key combo power, since using it resets all of Hulk’s cooldowns!
  • Knuckledusters - Hulk tears a nearby car in half to use as improvised boxing gloves, making his punches even more devastating and providing a nice defensive bonus
These are only a few examples of his new kit, but you’ll find all of his powers have been iterated to reinforce his new streamlined mechanics.


Enhanced visuals and elegant new gameplay in combination produce one of the most fun and smooth play experiences yet in Marvel Heroes. We’re very happy with where Hulk has landed, and we hope his legions of dedicated fans agree. Happy smashing!

New Hulk Costume

Just in time for Hulk's Level 52, check out Hulk's new Ultimate Costume. If you haven't played Hulk yet, now is the perfect time!

Hulk's Ultimate Costume History

Seeking to get away from S.H.I.E.L.D. once and for all (after their attempt to kill him, of course), this version of Hulk fled to the Tibetan mountains where he hid among locals there. Although with Wolverine tracking him for Nick Fury, his peace was rather short-lived.

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