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Holiday Half Off Sale!

Holiday Half Off Sale!

We have a series of very special sales for this holiday season: Holiday Half Off Sale!

This sale ends January 1st New Year's Day.

Celebrate the holidays with 50% off of almost all of the below:

  • Heroes*
  • Costumes*
  • Team-Ups*
  • Pets*
  • Fortune Card Mark 1 - 6 Boxes

*This sale excludes most Heroes, Costumes, Team-Ups and Pets that have been or will be released during December including: Venom, Anti-Venom Costume, X-23, X-23 Target X Costume, Star-Lord Marvel NOW! White Costume, Spider-Man Amazing Costume, and Clea Team-Up.

But there are still 41 Heroes, 187 Costumes, 10 Pets and 13 Team-Ups still available for this amazing deal, so make sure to take advantage of these amazing sales this holiday season!