Hero and Costume Pricing Reductions

We relaunched the Marvel Heroes Store today, offering great discounts on heroes and costumes bundled together! However, if you're looking for a specific costume or just want a hero, then good news - we've also made permanent price reductions on a number of heroes and costumes in the in-game store!

We heard your feedback about pricing in Marvel Heroes and we wanted to make a few long-term adjustments. We adjusted prices lower and organized them into pricing tiers. We did our best to make the cost of heroes and costumes as fair as possible. We appreciate your support of Marvel Heroes and we will continue to listen to feedback from our players.

Here are the heroes that were reduced in price. Many costumes were also reduced. Login to Marvel Heroes and press 'X' to access the in-game store!

Hero Price Now     Hero Price Now
Black Widow 450G Rocket Raccoon 1100G
Captain America 900G Scarlet Witch 450G
Daredevil 450G Spider-Man 1450G
Deadpool 1450G Storm 450G
Hawkeye 450G Thing 450G
Hulk 1100G Thor 1100G
Iron Man 1450G Wolverine 900G
Jean Grey 1100G

If you purchased any of the heroes or costumes that were changed since the sale ended (Monday, July 8th at 12:01am PDT | 3:01am EDT | 7:01am UTC), you may contact Customer Support to request a G credit for the difference between the that price and today's price.

To contact Customer Support, login to your profile on MarvelHeroes.com and click the Support button. To ensure your credit gets dealt with as soon as possible, file your request under the category of 'Week Of July 7th Sale Issues'. Credits can take up to a week to be applied to your account.