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Guardians of the Galaxy Countdown: Boosts! (6)

10 Days of Guardians of the Galaxy - 6 Days: Boosts & Boost Bundles

You can't blast into the galaxy without a boost, and with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie premiere just 6 days away, we want to help you get there by bringing back every boost and select boost bundles! If that's not enough, we have a new limited time super bundle, the Galaxy Boost Bundle! Yes, we know there's a lot. In case you've missed the boost lineup in the past, here it is:

  • Sweet Candy Rush Boost - (Stackable) +100-200% Rare Item Find and +20-40 Credit Find (4 Hours)
  • Spring Candy Boost - +70% Rare Item Find, Special Item Find, Orb Range, +17 Credits per drop (70 Minutes)
  • Bounty Hunter Boost - +200% Rare Item & Special Item Find, +100% Orb Range, +10% Move Speed, Larger Enemy Detection Range on Minimap (1 Hour)
  • Odin's Bounty Boost - Increased Odin Mark Drop Rate, +50% Rare Item & Special Item Find (2 Hours)
  • Cosmic Penta Rush Boost - (Stackable) +100-200% XP, Rare Item & Special Item Find, +50-100% Orb Range, +20-40 Credits (4 Hours)
  • Eternity Splinter Boost - Increased Eternity Splinter Drop Rate (3 Hours)
  • Galaxy Boost Bundle - A bundle of 10 of each of all our boosts (a 64% discount!)