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Guardians of the Galaxy Arrive!

New Boost, Star-Lord Hero, Team-Ups and more!

To celebrate Guardians of the Galaxy, we are releasing an unbelievable amount of content for you including a new exclusive Guardians boost, Star-Lord, and three Guardians Team-Ups: Drax, Gamora and Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy movie costumes and more!

Galactic Guardian Boost - Available This Weekend Only

For this weekend only, we've created the Galactic Guardian Boost Bundle! This isn't just any boost. In addition to 200% SIF and RIF, this super special, super limited boost will double your Eternity Splinter drop rate and gives you a chance to summon a Groot sapling whenever you land a critical hit! This boost will only be available this weekend and will never be back to the store, so get your Galactic Guardian Boost Bundle now!

Star-Lord Now Available

An accomplished pilot and expert marksman, Star-Lord leads the rag-tag group of galactic power-houses known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. Half human and half Spartoi alien, Peter Quill was born on Earth. After witnessing his mother's murder and escaping the orphanage that he lived in, he sought out a live in the stars. Through some luck (and a lot of subterfuge), Quill soon inherited the mantle of Star-Lord. A realist, Star-Lord is willing to do what others are not for the greater good.

Costume Preview:

Click an image below to get a closer look at Star-Lord's first two costumes in Marvel Heroes.


How to Get Star-Lord

Star-Lord Hero Pack

You can find the Star-Lord Hero Pack here! The Hero Pack includes Star-Lord in his Classic and Marvel Now! Costumes as well as his S.T.A.S.H. tab, 1x of each Fortune Card, as well as a Retcon Device.


In-Game Store

Star-Lord is also available in the In-Game Store individually for Gs or Eternity Splinters or as part of the Star-Lord Bundle. Log in to Marvel Heroes 2015 and take a look now!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Ups Now Available

A thug. An assassin. A maniac. These three unlikely heroes are ready to join you in your fight and are now available as Team-Ups!


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Originally a real estate agent from Earth named Arthur Douglas murdered by Thanos, Drax the Destroyer came into existence after the father of Thanos, Mentor, took his consciousness and cast it into a body made from Earth's soil and gave it superhuman strength.


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The sole survivor of the genocide of her race, Gamora was rescued by Thanos, who trained her to be the ultimate assassin to destroy his enemies. Eventually, Gamora broke free of Thanos and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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A Flora colossus from the Planet X, Groot is a tree-like entity with a tough bark-like skin and amazing regenerative properties. He is known for his close friendship with Rocket Raccoon and for his extremely nuanced speech- most people are oblivious to these subtleties and can only hear him proclaiming "I am Groot."

New Guardians Costumes Now Available

We've released two new costumes just in time for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so you can look like you just stepped off the silver screen when playing as Star-Lord or Rocket Raccoon.


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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Costume

Abducted from Earth as a small child and raised by intergalactic thieves, Peter Quill finds himself leading a group of misfit heroes to defend the galaxy after the orb he steals turns out to have more power than it would seem. This version of Star-Lord wears a red trenchcoat and features his distinctive mask.



Rocket Raccoon

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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Enhanced Costume

A genetically engineered raccoon, bounty hunter and master of weapons, Rocket Raccoon is a fighting machine. Included with this Enhanced Costume is new voice work and an updated movie Groot summon.



New S.T.A.S.H. Tabs Available

Running out of space for all your loot? Never fear! We have just added two additional General Inventory S.T.A.S.H. tabs to the store!