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GotG Countdown: GotG Presale Packs! (7)

10 Days of Guardians of the Galaxy - 7 Days: Guardians of the Galaxy Presales

The August 1st Guardians of the Galaxy premiere is now within a week, so we're celebrating by releasing different pre-sale packs so you can join in the fight with your favorite Guardian! There are three limited time special packs to choose from, and each will be available until 12PM PDT on August 1st (EXTENDED). The Star-Lord Hero Pack presale discount will last until he is in the game:


Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up Pack

A thug. An assassin. A maniac. Three new Team-Up heroes at your fingertips - Drax, Gamora, and Groot. Head HERE to add them to your roster for $14.99!


Guardians of the Galaxy Conquest Catch-Up Pack

With the three new Team-Up heroes from the "Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up Pack" AND awesome new costumes, such as Rocket Raccoon's Guardians of the Galaxy Movie costume, the Conquest Catch-Up Pack is delivered to you at over 30% off. To take a look at what's included, click HERE.


Guardians of the Galaxy Mega "You're Welcome" Pack

This is the biggest, baddest, and most awesome Guardians of the Galaxy Pack we put together for you. If you pick one of these up, you might just be able to call yourself the next Guardian of the Galaxy. This pack slams on enormous value, including Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, AND Iron Man (with all of their S.T.A.S.H. tabs) at over 50% off! Yes, you're welcome.

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In addition to the three amazing packs, Star-Lord is offered at 10% off if you pre-order him! This presale will only be offered for a limited time! To pre-order Star-Lord, click HERE.