Nov 05 2014 06:30:51 PM

Fourth of July Weekend Events!

Celebrate the Fourth of July and Canada Day and enjoy some of our favorite summertime events this weekend, and a +50% Boost to SIF and RIF!
Red, White, and Loot - Bonus Loot Rotation
Since bonus loot rotation is so popular, we're going to have another one this long weekend! Every few hours, a different game mode will have increased loot, rotating between Terminals, Midtown, and X-Defense and Holo-Sim (which will occur at the same time). Check out the FULL SCHEDULE here.
Cap & Wolverine Sales!
We’re celebrating both the Fourth of July and Canada Day with a sale for two Marvel favorites—25% OFF for Captain America and Wolverine and all their costumes. Remember, this sale includes both the heroes and their costumes, so to be sure snag what your favorites this weekend!
Summer BBQ - Extended
Celebrate the beginning of summer with summer BBQ drops including hot dogs and Omega Red Ketchup! Our Summer BBQ Event has been extended, so keep on collecting those condiments!
Soccer Showdown - Extended
The Fever Continues, our Soccer Showdown event is also extended! Various flags from different countries will drop in all zones and modes, game-wide. These flags may be sold for credits, donated to level up vendors or used to craft the “Soccer Ball Credit” item, which can be exchanged at the Holiday Vendor for Melanie’s Magical Boots, which have been buffed and had a new unique power added to them.