Forge of Asgard - Game Update 2.2 Now Live!

Our latest Game Update 2.2 - Forge of Asgard is now live and includes Runewords along with a new item enchantment feature. Gather runes and use them to enchant existing gear, or combine them together to create runewords which imbue Uru-Forged items with immense power!

In celebration, we're having a Runic Revelry Weekend in which Rarity and Special Item Find are DOUBLED!

Below are some highlights but be sure to check out the full patch notes for Game Update 2.2 - Forge of Asgard here!

Game Update 2.2 - Forge of Asgard features:


  • Runewords– Runewords have arrived in Marvel Heroes! Find Uru-Forged items and use Runes to enhance them with Runewords at the Enchanter, which can be found in all Hubs!
  • Hero Changes – We've updated and fixed a few issues with Gambit, Iron Man, and Loki!
  • X-Defense Changes – Split waves appear after Wave 15, increased loot for the Doctor Doombot wave & more!
  • ...and more!

We hope you enjoy these new additions and changes, as always, we want to hear your feedback! Talk to us on our Forums, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and tell us what you think.