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Dev-Blog: Thor Level 52 Review


Hark! This way comes the God of Thunder himself, Thor Odinson of Asgard. I am The Art of Rawr, a member of the design team on Marvel Heroes and the primary designer for this Hero review. Below you’ll find a description of his Level 52 Review.


As is customary, we begin by discussing the goals for Thor’s review. The goal for these, as always, is to ensure that the fun of the Hero is expressed by the design. Through extensive internal review and most importantly our community’s feedback, we arrived at the following pillars.

Mjolnir, Hammer of Thor

Much of Thor’s god-like might is drawn from his divine hammer, Mjolnir. Forged from a dying star, the immense raw power of this weapon should be felt in every one of his powers.

Lord of Thunder

Thor commands the storms. He is able to call down lightning and thunder to combine with he and his hammer, enabling the destruction of entire hordes of enemies.

Asgardian Constitution

Thor can call down lightning strikes on enemies at range, close distance to knock enemies senseless with Mjolnir, or an exciting mixture of both! We wanted systems that reinforced any and all of these play-styles, and still felt fun and smooth to play.

Design Preview

With those goals, the design would feature a very versatile Hero, indeed. While he already had enough tools in his kit that represent these thematic elements, we wanted some more mechanics to help tie them all together into an engaging play-pattern.

And Odin said, “Let there be gameplay.” And it was good.

A major new mechanic of Thor’s review is his new secondary resource: Odinforce. Some fans might remember the name from previous Thor iterations, and is one of the core systems we iterated the most during development.

The way it works is quite simple. You gain up to 3 “pips” of Odinforce by using certain powers, and it slowly decays over time. If you possess at least 1 pip you’re considered “Imbued” with Odinforce, which unlocks new and upgraded versions of Thor’s powers.

Odinforce and You

The resulting dynamic is that Thor must constantly weave in different powers in combat in order to stay imbued with Odinforce so that your powers hit with peak effectiveness. This makes for a very engaging and thematic play-pattern, featuring players swapping between wracking an area with lightning to generate Odinforce to then leap in and swing away with a super-charged Mjolnir.

Shock and Awe

While the team has done an awesome job updating his visuals overall, one stands out from the rest: God Blast. This brand new ultimate lives up to the name, featuring Thor unleashing the full might of the mighty Mjolnir in a terrifying, concentrated blast of white-hot divine intervention.

Battle is joined!

The combination of his snazzy effects and his new mechanics make him truly worthy to wield Mjolnir. After this review, Thor is without question one of most fun Heroes to play.

New Thor Costume

Just in time for Thor's Level 52, we have a new Enhanced Costume for Thor: Earth X! As an Enhanced Costume, Thor Earth X features brand new voice over from April Stewart. If you haven't played Thor yet, now is the perfect time to pick him up in a brand new bundle with this new costume!

ENHANCED Thor Earth X Costume History

After being transformed into a woman by the Trickster Loki, Thor adopted a new costume and continued delivering a righteous amount of smiting to those who deserved it.

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