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Dev Blog Post from David Brevik

Hello community, players and friends!!

Thank you for supporting Marvel Heroes 2015.

What a wild year it's been.

First, my personal thanks to our community for the continued support, dedication, feedback, help and overall righteousness that has kept us on-target for 365 days (that's a lonnnng story arc). Sincerely, building upon the initial Marvel Heroes release in such a tremendous way to now be able to deliver this launch of Marvel Heroes 2015 has been a true privilege.

The work is a privilege. And I mean it. This, largely because I have the great fortune of working with the absolute best community and game team in all the multiverse.

I will not forget that we are only able to do what we do and be where we are because of the tremendous community support we have received over one year of live operation, growth, expansion and improvement.

I am truly astonished. This community of gamers, comic enthusiasts and would-be heroes has passionately embraced and supported our efforts through thick and thin, grim and great. It seems like every single day the community outdoes itself.

Thank you.

Anniversaries provide a great opportunity to look back and reminisce. As we close out our anniversary month and gear up to celebrate our End of Anniversary Epic 12 event, we also have a chance to reflect on how far we've come and also to wonder how far we've yet to go.

And now? Now we're something else. We're better, faster, stronger, more heroic. We're... 2015!

Wow. What a difference. It's almost impossible to quantify the amount of changes and improvements we've made.


In speaking with the teams here, I realized the above visualization hardly does justice to the amount of work that's turned Marvel Heroes into Marvel Heroes 2015. Every time I think on it, I remember yet another feature, change or improvement we've made based on community feedback:
  • Eternity Splinters
  • Cosmics
  • Uniques
  • X-Defense
  • The Asgard Story and Zones
  • Runewords
  • Blessings
  • Ghost Boxes
  • Cosmic Terminals Difficulty
  • New Terminals (Juggernaut, Fisk Tower, Asgard)
  • Massive Survivability System Overhaul
  • Improved Enemy AI
  • Holo-sim
  • Team-Ups
  • Wakanda One-shot
  • 14 Heroes
  • Man UI Improvements
  • Graphics Improvements
  • Prestige Modes (+cosmic prestige)
  • Many Hero Upgrades (level 52s)
  • Motorcycle (two... so far)

Even that barely adequate bulleted truncation of reality is still nothing short of Herculean.

So, what now?

Released day-and-date with Marvel Heroes 2015 and coming soon after, we have:


  • Omega System- A system that allows players to customize, enhance and progress heroes, even at level 60.
  • The Surtur Raid- Take on the 1000 ft. ruler of Asgardian fire demons in the first proper raid found in... actually, in any ARPG, I think.
  • Shared Daily Missions- New missions that allow everyone in the game to work together with a common goal.
  • Secured Trading- No more dropping items on the damned ground!
  • Team-Up Gear- A new rarity of Team-Up gear with even more bonuses for Team-Ups and for you.
  • Challenge Bonuses on Uniques- Can you find one of these elusive super items?
  • Achievements
  • Login Rewards
  • Silver Surfer

...and many- MANY- other surprises.

I now conclude this missive with utmost thanks in my heart and the brightest future upon my mind. Our Epic 12 - End of Anniversary event may mark the end of our first year, but it also signifies the beginning of so much more.

And I look forward to building it all right alongside you.

Privileged to be a part of your team,
David Brevik