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Deadpool Level 52

Our final level 52 review has arrived. Deadpool 52 review is now live in Marvel Heroes 2016! Alongside this review comes Deadpool’s Zen costume.

Deadpool’s Level 52 has been long-awaited. For his design update, Deadpool has received a host of new powers and updates to his mechanics while preserving his simplistic and straight-forward playstyle, though new options may open up for those that wish to explore them. To help preserve this simplicity, Deadpool will not be receiving a secondary resource, and will continue to use Spirit. JUST KIDDING! To help preserve the AWESOMENESS of how great Deadpool is, he will not use any resource at all and will instead just have a cool picture of his face.

GUNS, GLORIOUS GUNS! One problem we quickly realized with Deadpool is that he needed more guns, bigger guns, and more ways to use them.... learn more about his Level 52 review here.

Deadpool Zen

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