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Dark Dimensions Event Part 1

Dark Dimensions Part 1

Inspired by Marvel's Doctor Strange, it's time for the Dark Dimension event!

Dark Dimension Event Details

An unknown source has started flooding Midtown Manhattan with Mindless Ones through a portal from the Dark Dimension! Doctor Strange’s ally, Mordo, is asking for assistance in closing the portals in Midtown and stopping the Mindless Ones while he and others investigate the source and cause!

Speak with Mordo in Avengers Tower to begin your adventure!

  • New Artifacts, Uniques and a new Legendary item powered by the mysterious magics of the Dark Dimension can be earned!
  • New Patrol and Terminal Shared Quests will be available during the Invaders of the Dark Dimension event. Complete these event Shared Quests for a chance to earn one of the new items from the Invaders of the Dark Dimension event!
  • Since the invasion is taking place during the spookiest season of the year, for the entire week Trick or Treat buffs will be dropping for players to collect! Grab five of these to receive a Halloween lootsplosion!

Happy Halloween

Alongside our Dark Dimensions event, limited time Halloween costumes are back in the store, we're having a Half Off Hero & Costume Sale, and we're also running Operation Omega! Jump in the game now!

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