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Cosmic Chaos & Wealth of Kings County!

Wealth of Kings County - Anniversary Edition

Maggia have stolen CAKE SLICES and are hoarding it in Kings County, New York where Industry City Patrol is located! Recover these Cake Slices from Industry City Bosses in both Normal and Cosmic difficulties.

XP Bonus - 50% bonus XP in Industry City Patrol (On top of 150% Cosmic bonus)


The two ICP Fortune Cards (Normal and Cosmic) that only drop in Industry City Patrol are back!

Cosmic Chaos

Cosmic Chaos is back for our 3rd Anniversary!

  • Cosmic Bosses Drop Double Loot - All cosmic Terminal bosses, every time
  • Cosmic Prestige Doubled - Doubled leveling rate for Cosmic Prestige during Cosmic Chaos week
  • Cosmic Chaos Supplier: Moondragon - An honorary member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and daughter of Drax the Destroyer, Moondragon is no stranger to cosmic chaos. During the Cosmic Chaos event, Moondragon will exchange Cosmic Worldstones for a variety of items
  • Increased Doop Rune Drop Rate - The Doop rune has an increased chance of dropping from all doops during the Cosmic Chaos event
  • Cosmic Penta Boosts Return - One of the most popular boosts return!