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Cosmic Chaos is Back!

Cosmic Chaos Has Returned!

Cosmic Chaos is back once again, that means Cosmic Boss Double Loot Drops and Cosmic Doop Double Spawns and much more. Below is a list of various Cosmic related items and events

  • Cosmic Bosses Drop Double Loot
  • Cosmic Prestige Doubled
  • Cosmic Doop Double Spawns
  • Cosmic Doop X-Defense
  • Cosmic Doop Simulation
  • The Power Cosmic
  • Doop Rune
  • Cosmic Doop Medallion
  • Cosmic Doop Insignia
  • Cosmic Doop Training Sector
  • Cosmic Chaos Supplier: Moondragon

For details about Cosmic Chaos and this latest Game Update, be sure to check out our patch notes!

Cosmic Mystery Boxes

Cosmic Chaos means the return of the popular Cosmic Mystery Boxes! The contents of the Cosmic Mystery Box are indeed a mystery. But the rewards... can be great. What will be in your Cosmic Mystery Box? A hero? A costume and some boosts? These boxes are one of the greatest gifts in the Universe, and come to you with enormous value. There's one thing that isn't a mystery: you won't be disappointed!