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Celebrate X-Giving!

Come Celebrate Thanksgiving with the X-Giving Event!

There's plenty to be thankful for in Marvel Heroes 2015 (like the impending arrival of Magento), so we're celebrating with an X-Men inspired event, X-Giving! You can view full details of the X-Giving event from our patch notes in the Marvel Heroes 2015 forums.

Check out the full list of X-Giving content below:

  • Uncanny Fortune Cards - Introducing a brand new Fortune Card featuring costumes for Gambit, Cyclops, and an adorable Bamf Pet!
  • Play with the Devs - Chat with Ryolnir, Doomsaw, and more!
  • Daily X-Defense Mission - Every day, complete an X-Defense mission from Charles Xavier to receive an X-Giving gift!
  • Continuation of Cosmic Chaos! - Cosmic Chaos will continue along with Cosmic Worldstones and Worldstone Caches dropping in game. Moondragon will also still be available.
  • Return of Omega! - Completing your first Shared Quests of the day will give you 30 Omega Files each! Dum Dum Dugan is still available! The Omega Event Mission from Coulson is not active for this event due to the X-Defense mission, however you will still be able to obtain 100 Omega Files a day!
  • Loot Rotation Returns! - Game modes will rotate and drop Odin's Bounty Chests! Check HEREor below for the full schedule. Additionally, all players have a chance to receive an Odin's Blessing Loot Explosion!
  • X-Giving Daily Login gift - Log in during the X-Giving event for a daily gift, plus a FREE Remote Controlled Blackbird Pet this Saturday! Don't miss out!

Full Loot Rotation Schedule (PST)